Thursday, October 9, 2014

Who is your favorite ex-Muslim change agent?

Who is your favorite apostate slash subverter of Islam—Salman Rushdie, the native Indian novelist; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the native Somali activist & politician or Nemat Sadat, the gay Afghan professor & social engineer? The three of us became world renown by sharing our writing, denouncing our inherited faith and promoting our common agenda: to emancipate Muslims and the rest of humanity from the wrath of a totalitarian political system masquerading as a peaceful religion. Regardless of how you feel about reformists like us, we are just a few in an evergrowing list of thought leaders who will usher the post-Islamic World. As my friend Yama Rasaw said to me, "Whenever someone like you introduces positive changes in attitude in a society. It will be ferociously resisted. It’s the ultimate battle between death and birth, the old doesn’t want to die and the birth of the new is inevitable."

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