Sunday, March 22, 2015

A post-Islamic Afghanistan is the solution

I'm sick and tired of Afghan-American and Afghan-European hypocrisy.
You live in a liberal secular society where you enjoy the freedom to be who you are and worship freely without any persecution from state and society but you demand Afghanistan remain a Muslim nation and thereby forever trapped in obscurantism and turmoil.
Why should Afghanistan continue to bend down and lick the shoes of Arab sheiks who enable the madarassas and terrorists that keep our nation ignorant and imploded instead of standing tall with infidels?
Why should we intelligent people follow an unholy book that preaches violence and was authored by an illiterate Prophet who in the eyes of the civilized world was clearly a child molester and polygamous pedophile?
If you propagate Arab propaganda that we Afghans are a Muslim nation then we will never be free or liberated from the mental prison of Islam. The root cause for all the corruption and violence in Afghanistan's culture, laws, politics, and society is an extremist religion and totalitarian ideology called Islam that was imposed on our homeland by brutal force and is the greatest retrograde in humankind responsible for more than 270 million murders in the name of Allah. The only solution then is for Afghanistan to decouple from Islam and be a liberal secular state based on principles of reason. Even when our most prominent Muslim scholars justify child marriage, killing of apostates and homosexuals, and Farkhunda’s murder as justifiable then we know the trouble is not with Mullahs but the terrorist Allah they follow. The only way to escape the hellfire is to cut loose from Islam and become eternal like America and Europe.

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