Thursday, March 19, 2015

My take on the mob killing of an Afghan woman

Today, I intended to celebrate Nowruz and my homeland’s glorious Zoroastrian past. Instead, I have been struck with profound agony after watching a horrendous video of an angry mob of Muslim men beating and burning to death a mentally ill Afghan woman in the name of Islam. Her alleged crime: burning the Quran. A book authored by a polygomous pedophile who has mentally enslaved an estimated 1.8 billion Muslims into a doctrine that justifies the persecution of heathens and homosexuals, Jews & Gentiles and girls & women.

If you identify yourself as a Muslim, ex-Muslim or non-Muslim and you live in the West and blame US imperialism but ignore the 1400 years of the greatest killing machine and retrograde our humanity has ever known and cannot muster the courage to defend the rights of atheists, gays, females, Israel and the secular world to exist, then what decency and dignity do you have left as a person? And if you cannot or do not acknowledge and speak the truth about Islam’s extremism or tacitly support the violence against a defenseless, disabled woman while obstructing the voices of conscientious humanists who do then you are, in my humble opinion, an apathetic apologist, a fearful coward and a worthless cretin who is totally in denial about the vile nature of Islam and the way it incubates and nurtures a barbaric society and spreads terrorism around the world. Ask yourself this: What makes the horrific atrocity committed by Afghan civil society in Kabul today any different than Boko Haram or ISIS fanatics?

If you cannot be part of the solution, then stop being part of the problem. If the truth is bitter, inconvenient or insulting to you, then I take immense pride in offending you because the killing of one innocent person and 270 million plus, in the name of Allah, will always be more egregious than your pathetic delusion.

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