Monday, March 23, 2015

The secular way forward for Afghanistan

After three sleepless nights for many Afghans worlwide, I say we declare March 19, 2014 a national day of mourning for Farkhunda and all Afghan women who have lost their lives to a fanatic religion Arabs barbarically brought to Afghanistan raping my homeland from a rich pre-Islamic heritage where Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Pagans and Zoroastrians had created a prosperous civilization.
Afghan society’s merciless killing of Farkhunda in the cruelest way possible is proof that the virus of Islam has taken Afghanistan to stage four cancer and near the brink of death. Ask yourself why Muslims countries like Afghanistan where Islam is the state religion and nearly 100% Muslim is plagued by illiteracy and wars while secular countries with large atheist populations, like Czech Republic, Japan and Sweden, are so educated, developed and peaceful?
If Afghans only knew that the Shah-do Shamshira mosque where Farkhunda was martyr was named after an Islamic massacre that spilled Afghan blood then they would not be going there to pray but erasing the dark legacy entirely. If Afghans were literate to read the unholy Quran and know that the book they kill for is contaminated with violent passages, that Prophet Muhammad was a child molester and mass murderer, and that Allah is the biggest terrorist then they would abandon Islam like the plague and join the civilized world by becoming a secular country.

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