Thursday, March 26, 2015

What Farkhunda means to Afghanistan and the world

Last Thursday, Afghanistan broke another record after the entire world witnessed the most gruesome savagery known to humankind. No single incident sums up what 1400 years of barbarism has done to transform my once neighborly homeland into the darkest corner under the tunnel of Islam.
In the aftermath of the tragic butchering and burning of Farkhunda to death, more than 26 people have been arrested (as of March 23rd) and President Ashraf Ghani has promised to bring all involved perpetrators to justice.
Rest assured that Farkhunda was no ordinary woman. Her lighting an amulet on fire may have incited an untimely death but her blood-curdling cry and unanswered plea was heard by millions worldwide and has sparked a movement that will inevitably undo the nefarious history of Arabs in Afghanistan. And it already has...

For the first time in history, Afghan women broke a taboo in Islam when they carried Farkhunda’s coffin and took the lead to perform her burial service. Afghan woman were previously barred from even entering a burial site out of the superstitious belief that dead can see women naked. Who the hell cares.
Farkhunda's legacy has created an army of soldiers who will ensure her cause remains alive. In Europe and North America, vigils have been held in her memory and a street near the Shah-do Shamshira mosque where she was massacred has been named after her. Thousands in Kabul and across Afghanistan have marched in protest to demand justice for our heroine who know joins Malala of Maiwand and Rabia Balkhi in the history books.
Farkhunda was a victim of an unholy religion that was imposed to her by force and oppressed her in life and persecuted her until death. I will never associate her with Islam because her reasonable objection to the Mullah who falsely accused her of burning the Quran is proof she was a humanist. The only regret that I have is that she will never see the day when Islam comes to an in Afghanistan. ‪#‎JusticeforFarkhunda‬

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