Saturday, March 21, 2015

What Farkhunda's martyrdom means for Afghanistan

Much has been said in the past few days by millions of Afghans inside the country and overseas regarding Khanum Farkhunda’s martyrdom. The fact that her death has meant so much, I trust her life will not go in vain. It is true that individual or conspired acts of violence happen everywhere but there is one huge difference between the civilized world where people act upon free will and rational choice and where the individual, state and society work together to prevent such crimes from happening and bringing violators to justice and the extremist and totalitarian nature of Islam.

No mechanism to preclude barbarism exists in Afghanistan and throughout the Muslim World where both victim and victimizer are denied the liberty to question and think. People who identify as Muslim and blindly defend Islam or are fully aware of the passages within the scripture that legitimates killing should be ashamed that violence against women and infidels is justified in the Quran and Hadiths. This is why Islamic states criminalize homosexuals and apostates to death, women are treated as inferior slaves, girls are sold as child brides and boys are the victims of institutionalized bachabazi. This was how Islam started and it refuses to change. In other words, there neither was nor can never be any liberty where there is Islam.

The only plausible solution is for educated Afghan youth to open up the path for Enlightenment and a scientific revolution to take root so individual freedom and liberal secularism can flourish. But how can this ever happen if the classic reformers of society (atheists, gays & lesbians, and women) are denied justice and rights and persecuted into total submission?

Khanum Farkhunda's martyrdom is a watershed moment for Afghanistan. Many are appalled, grieving and shocked not only by the heinous lynching but the fact that prominent Muslims scholars have endorsed, legitimated and supported the assassination of an innocent victim. Atrocities occur on a daily basis and with impunity throughout the Islamic World whether its family "honor" killing, state-sanctioned violence or terrorist acts committed by the likes of Daesh and the Taliban. But if you’re not even safe in broad daylight by educated Kabuli society then you have to ask yourself: Is Islam really worth it?

Unfortunately, these actions will only escalate unless a critical mass of Afghan society rise up and confront the cold fact that Islam is an incubator of violence and the reason why Afghanistan is held back. When Afghans realize how Islam justifies violence, how lecherous Arabs were when they brought their unholy religion to Afghanistan and destroyed our rich pre-Islamic heritage and how we continue to suffer in a mental prison until then I'm sure all Afghans will burn their Qurans and hurl stones at the imaginary Allah that has terrorized us for too long.

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