Friday, April 10, 2015

Ten Taboos Broken in Afghanistan

Here are age-old taboos that have been crushed in Afghanistan in a bold statement against the parochial Islamic way of life. Now that the discussion is open, we can evolve to a secular society that embraces diversity and facts. 
1. Cross-dressing in 2013 by Nemat Sadat
2. Drinking alcohol in 2013 by Nemat Sadat 
3. Homosexuality in 2013 by Nemat Sadat
4. Idolatry (Shirk) in 2013 by Nemat Sadat
5. Pre-marital sex in 2013 by Nemat Sadat
6. Judeophilia (Love of Jews) in 2014 by Nemat Sadat
7. Blasphemy in 2014 by Afghan Express newspaper
8. Superstition (Amulets) in 2015 by Farkhunda
9. Funeral (Janaazah) in 2015 by women carrying Farkhunda’s coffin
10. Desecration (Quran) in 2015 by Afghans posting clips on YouTube

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