Thursday, April 9, 2015

How Afghan Muslims Perceive Gays

The wackiest things Afghan Muslims have said to me since I came out and started campaigning for LGBTIQA Rights in Afghanistan. Quite telling! 
1. Absurd: “You’re not gay. You just pulled a publicity stunt to gain fame.”
2. Awestruck: “Is it true you had sex with 200 men in one year?”
3. Blackmail: “If you don’t stop blabbering, I’ll tell everyone you are a gay.”
4. Confused: “Are you really Afghanistan’s first gay? Hope the last one too. 
5. Denial: “Toba! Toba! Toba! You are giving Islam a bad name. Toba!”
6. Dismissive: “We have a million problems. Now, lesbian sex is our worry.”
7. Macho: “I’ll pound your fat butt so hard, your itch will go away for good.”
8. Passive-aggressive: “If you committed suicide, I would be very sad.”
9. Regret: “With your handsome looks, you can get any girl. What a waste?”
10. Totalitarian: “If we all become homo, who will carry civilization forward?”

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