Saturday, April 4, 2015

Islam's War on Education

Often, I hear Muslims say that the main problem afflicting their nation is not Islam but a lack of education and colonial intervention. When I ask, "How do you educate Muslims to be self-reflective and sovereign when they adhere to an extremist belief system that is at war with themselves and the rest of the world and those who dare to speak up about the superstition and violence within Islam are assassinated?"
Instead of responding to my question, I hear this circular narrative:
-Islam is perfect and pure religion
-The Quran is the direct word of God.
-Allah has the first and final word. You are committing "shirk" by talking
-Once everyone becomes Muslim & Sharia dominates the planet, there will be world peace
-Anyone who objects to Islam is an imperialist, an infidel who must be killed
-You must be a Zionist baby killer hired by the Mossad to bring down Islam
Speaking of children: Last I checked, Jews and the secular world prohibit child sacrifice. Yet, across the Islamic World today, legalized marriage/rape of underage girls is justified as the way of the Prophet.
Let's make it clear: Islam hates education because knowledge and reason empowers people to be logical and develop a critical mind. If Muslims were allowed to learn and think freely, they would kill the demons lurking in their head and focus on creating a world of infinite possibilities.

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Death to Israel said...

U dirty kafir I suggest u stop posting these comments. Why do u insult Allah (swa). May Allah (swa) curse u. U are a dirty Zionist baby killer. How dare u insult the messenger of Allah (swa). Death to all those who insult Muhamad (saw).
If I got my hands on u, u would wish u never sent these posts.
May Allah (swa) curse the Zionist state of Israel and its supporters, and may he destroy all who opposes His religion. Amen.