Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Inevitable Revolution in Afghanistan

When you can tolerate the pleasurable pain of ten throbbing inches and the tsunamis of hostility and threats as I have when I lived in Afghanistan and started my campaign for universal rights and continue to do so even in exile, then I give you permission to nitpick at my healthy self-esteem.

For now, if you deflect attention away from lifting the chains of persecution for millions of criminalized apostates and homosexuals living in Afghanistan and the legalized oppression endured by Afghan children, disabled, disenfranchised and women then you are definitely not my equal in guts and valor and your micro-aggression and petty matters neither interest me nor the repressed masses you silence when you apathetically and ignorantly disregard the most critical issues facing the people of Afghanistan. As Socrates said, “weak minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, and strong minds talk about ideas.”

As your brash savior, I challenge you to clear your conscience and fight the good fight and if you are unable or unwilling to show your bravery and courage, then step aside for the changemakers who can and will. I strive everyday for a liberal secular Afghanistan even if it takes seven or seventy years to transform the culture and society and make my inconeivable dream come true.

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