Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gender Studies in Afghanistan

When you silence freedom of speech and crush the will of humanity then how can you expect to get your nation out of the Dark Ages? 
My comment in response to American University of Afghanistan’s announcement about a new Gender Studies program was censored in the most undemocratic fashion. Since I’m now blocked from posting on their Facebook page, I will share my idea for you to be the judge.
“I trust this new program will examine the third gender (intersex) and the role of LGBTIQA. Since the denial of justice and rights to women and the criminalization of homosexuals with fines, imprisonment, rape and death penalty are ingrained in the culture, law, politics and religion of Afghanistan, gender identity and sexual orientation are the most critical issues facing our society today. For there can never be family values, sustainable development, and lasting peace when our homeland is broken into a vicious gender and sexual apartheid that harms everyone's well-being."

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