Friday, June 19, 2015

Pedophilia in Afghanistan & Muslim World

After reading about Abdullah Sediqi, a 64-year old man from Afghanistan, being jailed on suspicion of possessing child pornography and other crimes against children, it is time we have an honest, open, and scholarly discussion about sexuality in our community. In recent months, Mr. Sediqi is the second Afghan man, residing in Southern California, to be arrested for violence against children. Earlier this year, 39-year old Qayed Murtaza Shareef, who once co-hosted a sports show on Ariana Afghanistan TV, was charged with 33 felony counts involving cybersex with two boys.
The actions of these men are criminal but cursing them does nothing to eradicate this endemic perversion from our dysfunctional culture. Until we create the space for dialogue, enable pedophiles to come out of the woodwork and seek medical treatment for their abnormality and implement urgent policy measures, this social issue will continue to fester and grow beyond bounds.
Let’s talk real. Pedophilic attractions stem from the inability by adults to have normal relationships; many times the perpetrators were themselves victims who were molested as children and never treated. Furthermore, how can you condemn these men as creeps when Afghan culture and Islamic society allows for pedophilia to flourish with impunity?
Crimes against children can happen anywhere but in the civilized countries of the West, there is treatment for pedophiles and zero tolerance for crimes against children. But last I checked, only in the Muslim World, is bachabazi institutionalized and child bride marriage legal. You send mixed messages when you criminalize and stone adults for having consensual sex out of wedlock but permit a loophole where children are sexually exploited. Why is it when people like Sediqi and Shareef are arrested for crimes against children, you say nothing about the laws of Afghanistan and norms within Islam that nurtures pedophilia to occur in the first place?
We must create a culture of love and tolerance by rooting out sex with children and promoting the unfettered pursuit of romance between adults in Afghanistan and throughout the Muslim World.

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