Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Letter to President Ghani on Afghan Independence Day

On this Day of Afghan Independence, I’m sending an open letter to His Excellency, the President of Afghanistan.
Dear Mr. Ashraf Ghani,
You’ve been in office during a pivotal moment in the history of Afghanistan. I commend you for all that you have done to peacefully be elected based on your abilities, intellect, and talent. I tirelessly campaigned for you and mobilized the feminist Rainbow coalition of Afghan LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) and atheists-humanists to vote for you in the 2014 elections because you were the best candidate from the pack.
As a professor and technocrat, you get a solid A. But as a politician and statesman, you have so far failed. At the TedX Kabul in October 2013, you mentioned how you wish to remake Afghanistan the Singapore of Central Asia. There are many admirable things about Singapore like being one of the least corrupt countries and by de facto one of the world’s richest. But, Singapore is an illiberal society surrounded by benign countries and not a good model for Afghanistan.
What Afghanistan needs to get us out of the fire is not a Lee Kuan Yew or Tony Tan. Given our predicament, being surrounded by Islamic states and in a nuclearized neighborhood, what we need is a leader to champion our freedom and to model Afghanistan after Israel. You need to make peace with Israel, visit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and model yourself after Zionists like David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir or Benjamin Netanyahu who rescued their people from the wrath of Nazism, communism and Islam. Afghanistan needs a visionary who can enable the elite and masses to decouple Afghanistan from Islam and join forces with Israel and the West to pound Islam where it hurts.
Being a good leader doesn’t mean being a populist and appeasing the destructive majority who continue to use the religious-tribal hierarchy to wage domestic warfare and enslave all of us to narrow special interests in the region who wish to keep Afghanistan forever trapped in turmoil for their own selfish gain. If you want to make real change then cut Afghanistan loose from Islam and move the nation towards liberal secularism, so that the gender, religious and sexual apartheid, that’s kept our nation backwards, comes to end.
The Afghan people blame you for not being able to curtail the growth of what I call the third genesis in domestic Islamism (from the Mujahideen to Taliban and now Daesh). As far back as 2010, I argued at talks at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs that if extremism and terrorism (also known as Islam) was not curtailed in Afghanistan, that the third genesis (or mutation) of Islamic militants will make Al Qaeda forgettable. In hindsight, now that we see the rise of ISIS, it appears I was accurate in my assessment and prediction.
The Afghan people blame you for not being able to stave off the new Taliban leader, Mullah Akhar Mansoor, from demonstrating to the world his rise to power by sending triple bomb blasts into Kabul in one day. Afghans are calling for a boycott of Pakistan and celebrating the Pakistani spymaster Hamid Gul’s sudden death. These are reactionary tactics and not something that will end the dire predicament our nation has faced for decades and centuries, having been kept in the darkness of atrocities and shadow of conspiracies.
In order to protect ourself from the nefarious forces of Islam emanating from within Afghanistan and from Chechnya, Egypt, Iran, Islamic State of Iraq & Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere in the Muslim World, I ask that you to demonstrate your courage and leadership for the sake of our people.
Mr. Ghani, how many more trips must you make to Islamabad and other Muslim capitals must to beg for clemency from Islamic tyrants not to send terrorists into Afghanistan when the extremism is the essence of the Islamic way of life.
How many more trips to Saudi Arabia for Hajj do you need to make and masquerade as a devout Muslim to cover up the fact that your wife, Rula Ghani, as a Christian and Lebanese-American, is an infidel?
As a PhD Anthropologist who studied at my alma mater, Columbia University in the City of New York, and surely knows the fact about evolution and the origin of our species, I highly doubt you really believe in the sham that is Islam. If so, then why do you continue to misguide Afghan youth and our entire nation into something that is inherently wrong? Are you an obscurantist too?
Why do you continue to allow for the criminalization (up to death penalty) of apostates (disbelievers of Islam) and homosexuals (LGBTI) in Afghanistan when we are the greatest advocates and champions for a humane and peaceful Afghanistan and the decisive voting bloc that helped to bring you to power?
How can you diagnose and treat the cancer that Afghanistan suffers from if you continue to drink the same poison that made our nation sick when the barbarians destroyed our rich multicultural heritage in the 7th century and replaced it with a vile religion and totalitarian ideology called Islam?
Mr. Ghani, its time for you to come clean, even if it risks your own life, and tell the Afghan people and the world the truth about Islam (as the greatest enemy of Afghanistan and all of humanity) and energize the silent majority (atheists, gays and women) by ending the structure and systematic violence against us so that we can rise up, claim our freedom, and work with you to develop our nation. The strongest weapon against Islam is granting justice and rights to the people who’ve suffered the most. The time was yesterday and now for us to be free.
You have a choice. You can go down in history as another failed politician who served his own ego and narcissism by serving the status quo to retain power or you can be a champion of the people of Afghanistan and forever be remembered, as the leader who liberated us from the 1400-year wrath of the greatest retrograde our humanity has known.
I’m waiting for your leadership and if and when you follow down this path to freedom, I will support you and the people of our nation even if it means risking my life. That’s because I’m ready to die for my cause for liberating Afghanistan from the tentacles of Islam. I hope and trust you have the guts and valor to do the same. And if you’re not willing to die for your people, our people, the nation of Afghanistan, then you don’t deserve to be re-elected President.
I look forward to working with you towards the liberation of Afghanistan.
Respectfully yours,
Nemat Sadat
Writer & Political Activist

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