Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bridging Israel's ties with the Muslim World

Shalom al Yisrael. I refuse to be a victim of Islamic imperialism, which informs Muslims to be anti-Semitic and persecute Jews. I'm a proud atheist, gay and Zionist who idolizes Jews for championing their freedom and creating a miraculous civilization that is gay-friendly, scientific, and secular affirmative. Every bone in my body prays for Israel.
Israel is an indispensible country; a pivotal leader of gay rights in Asia. Israel in one of the bravest nations in our planet. Israel carries the torch that enlightens our world. Israel walks into the line of fire and reclaims what rightfully belongs to her, protecting the Jewish people from wholesale extermination. Israel courageously defeats the nefarious forces who've miserably failed to annihilate the sole democratic and Jewish state. Against all odds, Israel triumphs.
The Jews are not the Chosen People simply because God ordained it; they’ve proved it time and again. When the evil forces of Christendom committed genocide against the Jews in Europe and when Arab nations launched five wars against Israel, every citizen and soldier resisted for their independence.
Israel is worthy of the admiration and respect by all people the world over. The Jews are high up in the division of labor as they excel in academia, business, economics, entertainment, finance, journalism, politics, science, and the arts. Jews grow exponentially and they serve as a role model for what Muslims can become. This is why the Jews are a superior nation.
I put trust in the Shekel and worship the soil of Israel. Zionist leaders serve the national interest and they’ve created a formidable nation that has turned a desert backwater into a splendid paradise. Jews have every right to fight Islam for they are fighting the same ongoing struggle that obliterated Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage over the last 1400 years that my homeland has been trapped under the darkness of Islam. As a native of Afghanistan, and as an American who pledges allegiance to the flag of the United States and swears to the constitutional oath by the secular document that gives me freedom and liberty, I live to love Israel.
For Muslims who harbor anti-Semitism and hate individuals like me for exposing the hypocrisy and speaking the truth about the extremism within Islam: Why don't you focus on the root cause of the problem (the structural and systematic violence within Islam that keeps your nations trapped in turmoil and indefinitely at war with Israel and the infidels) instead of projecting your soft bigotry of low expectations and blaming outsiders for your own internal, interpersonal and societal level conflict that stems from an extremist ideology an violent religion you were born into.
Raise your voice about the denial of justice and rights under Islam. Speak up about the corrupt and obscurantist leaders who keep our nation in the dark. Undo the mental and open-air prison of life under Islam. Instead of being part of the problem, start being part of the solution. Be a leader by striving for meaningful actions and solutions.
For those who hate Jews, Israel, and Zionists because you cannot tolerate diversity: You do yourself a disservice when you spew your venomous contempt and resentment for Semites and do nothing meaningful to stop the bloodletting and starvation of Muslims who need your help.
The road to the good life: Open your heart to the children of Israel and end the suffering of Muslims living under the mental prison of Islam. Love Israel and kill Islam's Sharia Law for a happier you and brighter world.

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