Monday, September 14, 2015

How Gay is Islam?

Since last June when the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, some Afghan Americans and Muslim Americans have finally broke their silence and have came out in support of gay rights despite the fact that homosexuality is forbidden in Islam and throughout the Muslim World, the LGBT community faces a life of persecution. When I confront these Afghan American and Muslim American supporters about the Islamic apartheid and genocide that’s been going on for centuries with no end in sight, they simply dodge the issue, censor me and call me an Imperialist. Be careful because these individuals are not genuine supporters of the LGBT community.
When I asked for help to establish a grassroots organization inside Afghanistan to work towards decriminalizing homosexuality and work towards gay rights and same-sex marriage, I was told by a gay, Afghan-American Muslim hypocrite not to do so since our homeland has been inflicted by so much trauma and war and that the country had more pressing issues to worry about. This soft bigotry of low expectations is the core belief of all Islam apologists and moderate Muslims.
Last I checked, even women who are considered inferior to men in Islam have an entire Ministry of Women’s Affairs, hundreds of NGOs and representatives in Arg Palace (First Lady Rula Ghani), Afghan Parliamentarians (like Fawzia Koofi and Shukria Barakzai), and Governors like Habiba Sorabi from Bamiyan, and the international community’s attention. But the LGBT Afghan community has absolutley nothing—no legal status and on top of the structural and systematic violence facing all minorities and the victimization from terrorist attacks that everyone suffers from in Afghanistan, the LGBT community faces and added layers of threat from honor killing from their families or risk of fines, rape, imprisonment and death from the state and a largely homophobic society.
Some of these Afghan American and Muslim American bigots insist that I'm the one who should be pushed back. Isn't it odd that they refuse to push back against the source of evil (Islam) that represses homosexuals to death but want to push back against the civil rights leader of the gays in Afghanistan and a prominent LGBT activist in the Islamic World? Sholdn't they be supporting me in every way they possibly can so we can help our LGBT compatriots escape the death chambers and suffering under Islam. Instead all they’ve shown me is their prejudice and have compounded to my lifelong struggle of persecution and poverty I’ve endured for being true to myself and rising up as an emancipator of the gays living under Islam who've suffered infintely more than I have.
Warning: These hypocrites are practicing “Taqiyah” (veil of deception to advance Islam in America under the guise of multiculturalism). Among them are a number of gay Muslims who swear Prophet Muhammad was a good man and that Islam is a religion of peace. Do these gay Muslims know Islam nukes homos?
These moderate Afghan American and Muslim American apologists of Islam emptily talk about support for gay marriage but will never dare admit that Sharia is the cause of homosexual repression.
There’s a multitude of reasons why they publicly support gay marriage despite it being forbidden in Islam:
1. Now that its a federal law they have no choice but to support it.
2. They’re following global trends, that shows greater acceptance of LGBT rights and don’t want to be seen as anti-human rights.
3. They want to court gay America's support since the LGBTIQA community is prominent and politically connected, while Afghan Americans make up 0.001% and Muslim Americans 1-2% and largely marginalized since they follow Islam.
4. They know Jewish American leaders lobbied in support of LGBTI rights and nearly twice as many Jewish Americans at 77% backed gay marriage over the paltry 42% of Muslims who now support it but were exclusively against it before the ruling. Since the Israel Lobby’s biggest rival in US politics are Muslim Americans, the Afghan and Muslim supporters want to create a wedge between Jews and the LGBT community and they hate the fact I'm pro-Israel.
I just have one word for all the Afghan American and Muslim American hypocrites who say they support gay marriage but are on a mission to crush me and my cause to emancipate the apostates and homosexuals trapped under the wrath of Islam. I fear nothing and I will never bow down into the submission of the terrorist enabling faith that you and your co-religionists follow. I’ll neutralize all of my enemies until the last frontier in the Cultural War is won and Gay Marriage conquers Sharia Law in Afghanistan and across the Islamic World.

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