Sunday, September 13, 2015

Solution to Europe's Islamization

For years and years since the Muslim Brotherhood’s concoction of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) in 1964, Israel warned the West that their conflict against Islam would grow and infect the world like a fatal cancer. Did anyone listen? The world criticized Israel even as Israelis were being blown up to smithereens in buses and cafes by endless waves of terrorist attacks meant to scare Israel into submission. Thank goodness Israel refused to cave in. When Israel advanced in cryptography and erected an iron dome and a wall to keep the barbarians and bombs of Islam out of Israel, Europe scolded Israel for failing to co-exist with the terrorists.
Look where Europe is today. Not long ago Europe was the world’s wealthiest continent. Now Europe is tasting the poison that comes with the invasion of Islamism and Jihad. The fascists who adhere to Islam have showed they will not stop until the entire planet surrenders to Sharia Law. If Islam is not defeated in the Arab World then, sooner or later, the foot soldiers of Islam will chop off the genitals and heads of all infidels in Berlin, London, New York, Paris and Ottawa. Living with cognitive dissonance is not a solution. I know what Islam does to a country.
My homeland, Afghanistan, resisted Arab invasion for centuries until Kabul fell and 1400 years later my nation continues to be victimized by the fascism of Islam. Today Afghanistan is so debilitated by the virus of Islam that it’s in stage 4 cancer and even the injection of all the money in the world and the presence of the most power militaries (US and NATO) has not succeeded in curing the war-torn country from the malignant fate of the world’s most horrendous religion and totalitarian ideology.
That's because Islam nurtures a parochial society that is unable to provide for the basic needs of the people. This is why legitimate refugees from across the Muslim World are infiltrating Europe with the ISIS terrorists. The only way out of this escalating conundrum is to educate the next generation of Muslims (the truth about evolution science and the virtues of secular humanism) and abolish all institutions of Islam from our world once and for all. There’s no point in reforming the greatest death machine, mental slavery and retrograde our humanity has ever known. We're all better off in a world without Islam.

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