Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My take: Third GOP Debate in 2016 US Elections

Tonight’s third Republican Presidential Debate was further proof that the GOP candidates running in the 2016 US Elections are unprepared to lead America. The highlight from tonight was Donald Trump denying his criticism of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on H1B visas and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz attacking CNBC journalists and the Mainstream media for doing their job. If you can’t handle a journalist asking you a tough question, how can we trust you to deal with the demands of the White House?
What's clear from this election cycle is that the Democrats stand for knowledge and lifting up all people while the Republicans (attacking black lives matter, environmentalists, gay marriage, immigrants, highly-skilled workers, Mexicans, Muslims and now the Fourth Estate) represent nothingism and will do nothing but spead fear and repress the masses into destitution.
The hatred projected by the Republicans against civil society shows how undemocratic they are. If the Republican party spirals deeper into know-nothingism, no one (except for white Christian theocrats) wil be left to vote for them in November 2016. Thank goodness I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

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