Friday, November 13, 2015

Are Hazaras really Afghan?

In 2013 when I lived in Afghanistan, I went to a carpet shop in Kabul and had a conversation with the owner. During our talk, he told me Hazaras are "Muhajir" and should go back to where they came from. I flipped out. I told the man, "In America, we 'civilized citizens' don't dare say President Obama should go back to Kenya where his father came from. How can you say Hazaras (who've been in Afghanistan for thousands of years and even long before Genghis Khan and Kanishka the Great arrived to the scene), should go back to where they came from? Do you dare tell Arab Afghans (my paternal ancestors) and the real "Muhajirs" who violently brought Islam to Afghanistan (during the Islamic conquest of the 7th century) to go back to Arabistan where they came from? How many more years or centuries must pass before Tajiks and Pashtuns recognize that Hazaras are Afghans too?" He was dumbfounded, embarrassed, and couldn't utter a word in response.

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