Saturday, November 14, 2015

What Islam needs for reform to happen?

Praying for Paris is not enough to rid our world from Jihadi terrorism. We need moderate Muslims and their apologist allies to stop creating diversions to protect the image of Islam. Suggesting that militants shouting Allah-u-Akbar while slaughtering innocent civilians is the work of godless people, that all religions are equally bad or that terrorism has no religion is a deceptive smokescreen. We need solutions. We need more reformist Muslims to come out of the woodwork and admit that Islamism and tribalism is the source of inhumanity in the Eastern World and a threat to civilization in the Western World. My friend, Asra Nomani, is one of these courageous people. Watch her talk about Islam, the right of Muslim women to orgasm, and the Paris attacks on last night's Bill Maher show.

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