Friday, November 20, 2015

Why Ex-Muslims coming out will abolish Islam

Today, I’m exposing the closeted ex-Muslims, moderate Muslims, and apologist non-Muslims who dance to the tune of fanatical Muslims and aid and abet in advancing Islam’s sharia law of oppression. None of you are immune from my exposé since all of you are complicit, with your diversion and/or silence, to the greatest evil our planet has ever known.
Altruism (selflessness), pacifism (non-violence) and warmongering (killing an eye for an eye) will not eliminate the cancer of Islam from our humanity. It will only happen when the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice and in the case of the benighted Muslim World this can only happen with the abolishment of Islam. Freedom will reign in the Muslim World when ex-Muslims in their homelands and the Diaspora communities overcome their fear of being isolated and/or killed and come out, renounce Islam, and inspire others to do the same. If you don’t believe me, then you have no imagination because Islam cannot survive when the chain is broken and can no longer recruit followers. Islam must be replaced with humanist, liberal, and secular principles that are the foundations of a free and equal society.
In the United States, the black liberation movement started with Abraham
Lincoln and Harriet Tubman and their allies fighting to end slavery and a century later Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and countless other Americans ending segregation with the civil rights movement. These battles were fought and won by directly attacking the institutions that perpetuated the bigotry and violence.
In the aftermath of the Friday the 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, I’m questioning the world’s moral clarity after this week I encountered highly educated Americans, once known as the bravest people on Earth for defeating fascism/Nazism and communism but today bow down to Islam.
Here are some examples:
-A closeted ex-Muslim Afghan American, neocon Republican man discouraged me from my petition to legalize apostate & gay rights in Afghanistan. He told me that the only solution to end the War on Terror is to bomb our way throughout the Muslim World. Well, the US did that in Afghanistan and Iraq and droned its way across the greater Middle East and so far has failed to contain the spread of Islam. If the US and allied powers nuked the entirety of the Earth’s landmass that represents the Muslim World, we wouldn’t have a planet left to live in. And if you think exterminating more than a billion people like cockroaches is a solution to ridding the world of Islam then you are more dangerous than Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Muhammad, Stalin and Saddam combined.
-An Arab American woman who studied negotiation & conflict resolution with me at Columbia University in the City of New York and now works for the US Department of Defense, circumvents the Pentagon transferring arms to Saudi Arabia and other dictatorial Arab regimes, by venting on social media about Israel and Islamophobia.
-A proud Pashtun, Afghan, American, Muslim woman who is a hypnotherapist and works for the US military preaches about Islam as a religion of peace and that terrorism has no religion. When I asked her why she is spreading lies, she asked me to leave her alone and said, “I’m posting this stuff on behalf of my work for the US military,” and then blocked me.
-An Afghan American woman actress and filmmaker tried to censor my free speech in the most Islamic way possible. When I engaged with her in a private conversation, she said, “I’m not an ex-Muslim. I’m a theologian, a mystic and a spiritual person. Islam is not the problem. Saudi Wahhabis are the problem.” She is an ex-Muslim in denial. Yes, Saudi Arabia is a huge problem and the chief sponsor of madrassas, mosques and terrorism around the world. But Saudi Arabia is also the birthplace of Islam and is practicing the real Islam. Furthermore, the other Gulf states, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, messianic Shia Iran, nuclear-armed Pakistan, Islamicized Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Deobandi movement in India, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Mali, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, etc. are also major obstacles to global security. Toppling one Islamic regime, gives impetus for another Islamic state to step in, fill the power vacuum, and take the lead in advancing Islam. The struggle for power in the Muslim is between rival factions and nations competing to promoting the will of Allah.
-A gay, Jewish, American, PhD candidate, who escaped from communist Cuba for freedom in the land of opportunity, defends his Arabic translation of the Quran as an authoritative document to validate the legitimacy of LGBTI rights. Know that when a homosexual Zionist retreats to the comfort of Islam, that our world is in serious trouble. But isn’t this the kind of Kantian degeneracy we can expect from a UC Berkeley scholar?
-Countless closeted ex-Muslims refused to denounce the violence of their co-religionists and Islamic ideology in the aftermath of so many terrorist attacks in recent weeks. Instead, they talked about candles, flowers, and spreading love. I’m sorry but baking cookies and cupcakes; and giving teddy bear hugs to our children will not neutralize Islamists and Jihadis from expanding their cult of death. And if you know this already then why are you skirting around the real issue (not coming out and criticizing the violence within Islam) but instead digressing on feel-good fluff and magical thinking?
Last January I was disappointed when our Afghan nation’s most beloved novelist, whom I admire for his storytelling abilities, hideously retreated to apologism and subservience to Islam. In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, he wrote, “As a Muslim, I condemn this killing of innocent people in the name of my religion.” I ask this world-renown author, if you are Muslim, then how come you still identify with an extremist religion and totalitarian ideology that legitimates child bride marriage, institutionalizes pederasty and slavery, criminalizes gays and apostates to death, validates inferiority of women, justifies rape as an instrument of war, and wages all out war on all infidels? How can you stoop so low to say you are Muslim to deceive everyone or promote your Islamic agenda? And if you’re not really a Muslim (but an ex-Muslim), then why not come clean and redeem yourself by using your platform to heal our traumatized Afghan nation? You can start by speaking the unfiltered truth about your religion.
Leadership is something that cannot be learned in school; it is demonstrated by showing bravery and moral courage in ethical actions and words. I’m repulsed by all you egotistical, spineless cowards with your deception, duplicity, hypocrisy, superficiality, and contemptible excuses to retain your tribal and Islamist privilege that subjugates repression upon hundreds of millions of gender, religious and sexual minorities around the world. Shame on you.
What dignity and self-esteem do you have left by enduring in the conceit that you are a Muslim? And if you consider yourself a decent human why not create meaning in your life by cutting yourself loose from Islam? Instead of perpetuating your own mental slavery, take the leap of faith and set yourself, our nation, and the world free. What are you waiting for? The time is now.
I am Nemat Sadat.

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Hanan Achakzai said...

I will commenting because i don't know whether you don't understand Islam or only you want to be on the surface of new etc. I do not want to change your views about religion, belief but what i understood you have something not with belief but with Islam which i think you did not study(Don't consider as i am defending Islam) Islam. If you will properly study the norms and values revealed by the Text(Quran) and the humanity than you will change your own sentence of article which is as per your understanding and wording that replace Islam with humanity. After thorough and scientific study which needs long time and understanding which i think you will not be in a position to do, if you will so i expect the words in your new article will be, Replace the Hippocratic Muslims, Christians, Jews and Hinduism with real Islam which covers all the humanistic values and norms. Thanks brother Nemat Sadat At least you write something. you may find me on facebook with Abdul Hanan Achakzai a human without accepting any bordering line on the globe and i do not want the shelter out of my homeland.