Monday, November 16, 2015

Why I changed my profile to the French flag

Isn’t it shameful how moderate Muslims and their apologist allies cowardly cower into the submission of Islam? This past weekend I read far too many posts by Muslims and their cronies with no sincerity for the 129 executed and 352 wounded victims in the Friday the 13th Paris attacks. Instead, they resorted per usual to their narrative of conspiracy and victimhood and lashed out at those who changed their Facebook profile to the French flag. They've even shown sympathy to the ISIL terrorists by accusing France of engaging in policies that invited the slaughtering of innocent civilians in Paris. This is a cop out by the corrupt, immoral, malicious, philistine and weak.
Let me educate you. There is no moral equivalency between modern France (a democratic, equal, free, inclusive, liberal, liberated, scientific, secular, multicultural, open society and welfare state) that is the birthplace of Enlightenment versus the medieval ISIL or any other barbaric Islamic State where sharia rules over a dysfunctional, primitive, and tyrannical nation that legitimates apartheid, anti-Semitism, ethnic cleansing, genocide, hesperophobia, homophobia, infidelphobia, parochialism, misogyny, pedophilia, sectarianism, terrorism, totalitarianism, and xenophobia.
France is the world’s most visited country and one that celebrates all things charming, chic, and classy. Parisians are known for their joy of living and they have created a world-class metropolis where artists, entrepreneurs, and travelers are inspired; where you can openly show your affection and love; dine in the best restaurants and drink the best wines; and engage in an unlimited supply of cultural and social activities 24/7.
Compare France to the dreadful, dark hole of solitary prison that represents life under Islam and the oppression of sharia law. That’s why millions of Muslims every year immigrate to the West but there isn't a mass exodus the other way around. When millions changed their profile photo to the French flag, it was a stark message to the terrorists and terrorist sympathizers that the civilized world wholeheartedly supports France. So to all moderate Muslims & company: Instead of being angry and bitter at us for changing our Facebook profile, why don’t you eliminate Islam in your own homeland and make it beautiful like France and the rest of the civilized world?

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