Sunday, December 6, 2015

Encountering Islamist & Marxist Evil

Here's a roundup of my encounters with evil this past week:
1. An Iranian Muslim accused me of "imperialism" for supporting American hegemony. Why do you point fingers to America but deflect away from the culture of apartheid, fanaticism, and savagery that is the Islamic Republic. In America, the children of Mexican laborers have become prominent capitalists and politicians in all levels of US government and many Afghan Americans revel in luxurious lifestyles that no Islamic can enable us to do so. But, your Iran has denied Afghans the right to education and meaningful jobs and when they deal drugs out of desperation you incarcerate and kill them. America empowers refugees to pursue the American Dream but Iranians use them as dirty rags. In the 1980’s Iran recruited Afghan refugees fleeing the Soviet war in Afghanistan and used them as “baseej” (human waves) in the Iran-Iraq war and in recent years Iran has sent Afghans to fight for Bashar al-Assad in Syria against the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Iran has so much blood on its hands for exterminating tens of thousands of Afghans. In America, gays have rights and free to marry whomever they wish. But in your homeland, thousands of gays have been hanged in recent decades and millions more suffer from forced sex change and constant fear of death. Since the signing of the US constitution, all Americans have freedom of belief and speech. But Iran persecutes atheists, dissidents, and Bahai's. Former Iranian President Ahmadenijad called for the annihilation of Israel and Iran supports Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups committed to the wholesale extermination of the only democratic & Jewish state. In a nutshell, Iran is beneath America and the rest of the free world. So before you point fingers, civilize your wicked and wretched nation first.
2. An Afghan-Canadian woman, who studied human rights and now lives in Germany, goes on a Marxist rant by citing Noam Chomsky and blaming America for supporting Islamic terrorism and sharia law to set the stage for a new world order. I questioned her conspiracy, told her Islamic imperialism had kept Afghanistan illiterate, primitive, and subservient, explained how her line of thinking paved the way for Stalinism to flourish in Afghanistan in the likes of Khalqi-Parchami communists that were supported by the Soviet Union and responsible for destroying the fabric of our nation by eliminating tens of thousands of Afghan intelligentsia and devastating a countryside that was once the breadbasket of Central Asia. She confessed that her own father was tortured to death by the Khalqi-Parchami regime. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. A highly-educated Afghan woman succumbs displaced catharsis, cognitive dissonance and Stockholm syndrome by becoming a vulgar Marxist which is the same mentality of the communist Muslims who murdered her father and others by electrocuting, extracting nails, skinning, and breaking bottles and shoving shards of glass into their victims' rectums. Sadly, none of these thugs were brought to justice. Some are even serving in today's Afghan government. Instead of demanding justice for her father and removing the oppression endured by over a billion trapped under sharia law, she blames America and Zionism and ends our friendship by blocking me. She like millions of Afghans are traumatized by Islam and tribalism and their brains cannot grapple with the fact that our own people are to blame for the fascist culture we inherited since the arrival of Islam in Afghanistan 1400+ years ago and for the next fifty generations until now we've been victimized with inbreeding, honor violence (forced underage marriage, rape, and beatings) and a sadistic and sacrificial belief system that's entrapped us in perpetual turmoil.
3. An African American man blames the US for replacing a “secular dictator” in Iraq and inciting Islam. I told him that I too was against the US invasion of Iraq but its a folly to say Saddam Hussein was “secular” when he advanced Sunni Islam by waging war with Shia Iran, gassing the Kurds, invading Kuwait, dropping scuds on Israel, and his Baathist party now make up the leadership in the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. When I told him that Islam created slavery long before the Atlantic Slave Trade and that millions of blacks are still enslaved across the Muslim World he refused to hear the truth and said he disagreed. When I asked him how he can sympathize with the Islamic cause and deny freedom to the millions trapped under Islam's oppression, he felt I insulted him and ended the conversation.
4. An Afghan man raised in England told me that the terrorist attacks in Paris and California were false flags orchestrated by the Rothschild family. Here we go with another anti-Semitic, Orwellian conspiracy to fault Jews and protect the image of Islam. This person also thinks Jews are behind all terrorist attacks and that Zionist propaganda controls the world’s media to change the narrative and skew hatred of Muslims. Let me break this down. Jews make up about 15 million people and an estimated 1.8 billion are Muslim in a world of seven billion. If Jews manipulated Muslims to kill Muslims and non-Muslims, then it’s not Jews that have a problem. It’s brain-dead Muslims advancing Islam to support some twisted Jewish cause that are to blame. Indeed, Jews are prominent in media but most news outlets like most of the world is biased against Israel. In the US, the only news organization that's run by a Jewish family, The New York Times, is one of the biggest critics of Israel as is most of the mainstream media. Just yesterday, a Muslim terrorist stabbed several innocent people at a London tube station in the name of "Mother Syria" and bystanders captured the bloody ordeal and immediately upload the images on Twitter and YouTube. Was this terrorist thug and the citizen journalism that reported it also a Zionist training exercise?
5. Goldsmiths University in London accelerated the death of liberalism by turning the campus into a Sharia-compliant breeding ground for the terrorist world order after Iranian émigré Maryam Namazie; spokesperson of the Ex-Muslims of Britain, came under attack. Namazie kept her poise and stated facts that were unbearable for Muslims to hear. What horrified me most about this incident was not Islamists attacking Namazie (that was expected), but the LGBTQ+ society and Feminist society at Goldsmiths siding with the Islamists and chiding Namazie.
Attention all gays and feminists: Islam has zero tolerance for LGBTI rights and is against women's equality so your siding with Muslims on the ground that you are all "victims" is misguided and myopic. You are also complicit in a crime against humanity since hundreds of millions of gender and sexual minorities living in the Muslim World are criminalized (fined, raped, imprisoned and killed) for being who they are. In other words, you are a terrorist enabler and a sycophant to the Islamic barbarians who will one day kill you, too, once they reach their objective. Sadly, you remind me of the Vichy regime in France who collaborated with the Nazis in exchange for immunity. In other words, you are a traitor to the utmost degree and deserve everything that comes to you.

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