Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ashraf Ghani's tweet about terrorism is misleading

In response to last Wednesday's terrorist attack on TOLO TV in Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani published a misleading tweet that shows how incompetent and weak he is and how his regime is destroying the future of the country.
First, why is it necessary to isolate those who don’t want peace? Terrorists are terrorists. I see no difference between Al Qaeda, Daesh, Haqqani, Hezb Islami, Lashkar Taiba, and the Taliban. All are bad. Instead of mincing your words, talk like a leader and say, “All terrorists must and will be crushed.”
Second, Islamic values is the reason why Afghanistan remains trapped in an inferno. The core value of Islam (“submission” to the will of Allah and surrender to the Quran and the Hadiths and Sunnah) cripples the mind and paralyzes social development. With President Ghani aligning himself with Islamic values he lets the Afghan state and society to continue employing sharia to honorably punish adulterers, apostates, blasphemers, homosexuals, infidels, and use women and girls as slaves. Inadvertently or not, President Ghani has also given terrorists the green light to continue their terrorist attacks since jihad and killing those who spread mischief is a central tenet of Islam.
People aren't stupid. For the suffering masses, there is no difference between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the terrorists eager to come to power. All of you have one common denominator. All of you are byproducts of Islam.

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