Friday, January 22, 2016

Reflections about terrorist attack on TOLO TV staff

The employees of TOLO TV are still reeling from Wednesday’s terrorist attack on a shuttle bus in Kabul, Afghanistan that was transporting a full crew back to their homes. Before the families of the seven dead could bury their loved ones, the Taliban rushed to claim responsibility and promised that the first attack on TOLO would not be the last and that the country’s most popular media channel, watched by more than 60 percent of Afghans is still considered a military target. The Taliban said they are not enemies of all TV stations, only TOLO and 1TV (both part of the Moby Group) and vowed to launch more attacks until the mass media organizations that have been at the forefront of liberalization and social change in post-Taliban Afghanistan, are crippled and shutdown or fully conformed to Islam.
I’m disgusted by the silence of the spineless who cowardly hide in their rat holes and only come out to sell their obstructionist products and services.
I’m also repulsed by the apologism of imbeciles who have defected from the Islamic World and now comfortably live in exile in the West but continue their submission to their tyrannical oppressors. These apologists have gone so far to suggest that TOLO’s Luciferian and Pagan programming, pan-Iranism slant, pro-Illuminati agenda, being funded by USAID, capitalized by media mogul Rupert Murdoch or the conspiracy that Saad Mohseni and his family are the linchpins of the Rothschilds and other Jewish titans (the omniscient Gods of the multiverse) and the progenitors of Zionism in Afghanistan are all rationales justifying the slaughtering of their production staff.
You can come up with a million excuses and agree or disagree with TOLO’s content or the way they deliver information but let's make one thing be clear: No person deserves to be blown up to smithereens. In the civilized world, we exchange our ideas in a free marketplace and conflicts are resolved by the meeting of the minds, not by the firing bombs and bullets.
If you really cared, had a conscience, demonstrated courage, and truly had the mental capacity, you would show remorse for the TOLO victims and explore the root cause of martyrdom instead of silencing journalism and defending the heinous acts of your barbaric, primitive, and savage co-religionists.
If you love peace, here's the solution: Demand that President Ashraf Ghani, the Afghan Parliament, and all government officials disavow Islam and replace sharia with secular liberal reforms. It's time we figure out the real loyalties of the moderates sitting on the fence. Are they with democratic society or the terrorist Islamic cause?

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