Monday, January 25, 2016

President Ghani's vow to bury ISIS in Afghanistan

After I publicly lambasted President Ashraf Ghani a few days ago for his ineptitude, it seems like my words penetrated into the Afghan President's mind since he's now had a change of heart. In his newest interview with the BBC, he vowed to bury Daesh militants in Afghanistan. This is a big step in the right direction. I would have been more cavalier by saying, "We will bury Islam in Afghanistan" since the Islamic cult of death is not only the source of indoctrination for the foreign ISIS militants active in the country but also the domestic Taliban and other extremist groups you still have to deal with.

Regardless, you score big points and we should give you credit where it's due. Good luck Mr. President. If you are sincere and put your words into action, then I fully support you and I trust other sane and sober people do the same. Decapitators, mutilators, homicide bombers, and other bloodthirsty monsters have no place in any country. If the Jihadi terrorists refuse to co-exist in civility and peace then they deserve to be obliterated with the full force of war. Go get 'em tiger. Rawr.

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