Thursday, February 18, 2016

A pro-Israel Afghanistan is in store for the future

A while back on Twitter, I was confronted by a millennial Afghan American woman from California and a proponent of the BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction) campaign about why I advocate for Afghanistan to make peace with Israel. In her own words, she labeled Israel an apartheid state and said we shouldn’t align our Afghan nation with a country that ruined the lives of Palestinians.
My response to her was that Afghanistan was in no position to take sides and has stood on the wrong side of history for the last 67 years by refusing to recognize the only Jewish and democratic state in the region and by slavishly aligning ourselves with the Arab & Islamic World, the very same countries that perpetuate the real gender, racial, religious, and sexual apartheid in their own countries and whose governments support madrassas and terrorists in our homeland that kill thousands of Afghans every year, perpetuate ethnic cleansing in the region, and export extremist ideology around the world. They've also refused to make peace with Israel.
She then said she couldn’t accept Israel's right to exist because it was based on religious ideas. I then informed her that Zionism was founded by Theodrl Herzl, an atheist, and that Israel is not based on Judaism rather a nationalist secular movement based on the self-determination of Jewish people to return to their ancestral homeland. I informed her that a sizable minority within Israel is not even Jewish at all and that Israel honors freedom of belief, gender equality and gay rights something our homeland and Islamic countries do not do. Ignoring my facts, this woman said she disagreed with me and then blocked me on Twitter.
So my question to my fellow Afghans and Afghan Americans is this: Why is it so difficult for you to dispel your anti-Semitism? Do you know how you can unshackle the 1400 years of psychological warfare imposed on you and your Muslim ancestors? By looking in the mirror and repeating after me, “I love Jews, I love Israel.” Trust me, it is cathartic and you will see all the greatness of this world flow into your heart and your brain will gradually become free once you embrace Jews as humans worthy of making peace and reconciliation with. If your ideology, religion, and/or tribal affiliation does not permit you to accept my desire to make peace with Israel then you are neither a peacemaker nor a friend of Afghanistan.

I represent the community of Afghans inside Afghanistan, who identify themselves as atheist, agnostic, freethinker, or skeptic; who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, or asexual and/or Judeophile, pro-Israel or Zionist. If you don't accept me then you don't accept the millions of other Afghans like me.
We pride ourselves for our Afghan heritage. But we also don't deny that we are first and foremost Earthlings who hail from Africa. The place where we all came from after the Big Bang happened.
Once you are able to overcome your anti-Semitism, apostatephobia, infidelphobia, and homophobia I trust our community can unite and work together towards a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.
But until you cease support to Islam's violence which denies the rights of Afghan atheists (and other religious skeptics), LGBTI persons and Zionists to exist, then our nation will remain in darkness and never be liberated from the shackles of oppression, persecution, regression, and repression. We respect Afghans who still identify themselves with Islam whether it be Shia, Sunni, Sufi, Ibadi, Ahmaddiya, etc. However, we have to find a common ground and accept the fact that Islamic scriptures, Sharia law, and the tribal hierarchy is our mental prison and the primary reason why Afghanistan and our diaspora community is held back.
When you are ready to have real talk about evolution science, the merits of secular liberalism, full LGBTI equality and gay marriage, and establishing relations with the State of Israel, we can have a cordial and meaningful exchange. Let me know when you are ready.

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