Sunday, February 14, 2016

My take on the life and death of Justice Scalia

Happy Valentine’s Day. Today, I share my love with all the beautiful people of the world who strive to make our humanity better. But, I will not mourn US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Scalia supporters are upset that news of his death yesterday sparked hurling of insults and widespread celebrations not seen before since the death of Osama bin Laden.
I'm sorry but I will always be more disturbed by Justice Scalia's structural and systematic violence and abuse of power by blocking progress for LGBTI persons, women, and other vulnerable groups; supporting institutional racism; saying awful things about gay people; and injecting discriminative and prejudicial religious beliefs into his rulings that denied justice and rights for tens of millions of people, perpetuated inequality and tyranny, and threatened to set back America by a few centuries. We live in a liberal democracy and have every right to air our dissent about the oppressive and repressive rulings Scalia made in his lifetime on the bench.
Anyone who supports Scalia's sick mentality is a bigoted barbarian since he made a career for himself by institutionalizing homophobia, infidelphobia, misogyny, racism, and sexism…pretty much all the ugly things we associate with Islam. Christian and Jewish fundamentalists haven proven to be only nominally better than moderate Muslims since all three uphold the violent scriptures (the Torah, Bible, and Quran) to a higher esteem than the US Constitution (a secular document) that has produced the greatest civilization our world has ever known. Our founding fathers (except for Calvin Coolidge) were religious skeptics and America was created on the premise of expanding freedom and equality to all people.
If you want to live in a parochial country where people don't have dignity and liberty then by all means by yourself a one-way ticket to North Korea or the Islamic country of your choice. But, there is no place for clergies and savagery in American politics. We, enlightened and progressive citizens, have won and will continue to win the Cultural Wars. Either you can join us as members of a civilized society or you can continue to be humiliated as outcasts with your deplorable contempt for democracy. Can't wait to see who President Obama will nominate as the next Supreme Court Justice.

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