Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Republican Party's Gay Marriage Problem

So here is the deal. John Kasich, who vehemently opposed gay marriage and same-sex adoption, has now become the first Republican Presidential candidate running in the 2016 US Elections to concede his mistake. Just yesterday a gay student and staunch Democrat probed Kasich about gay marriage and LGBTI protections under the law.
Kasich said, "If I see discrimination in anything, like I said earlier, I'm willing to do what I can. Whether it's executive order or legislation. That's fine with me. As for marriage equality - let me be clear I'm for traditional marriage but I've been to my first gay wedding. A friend of mine is gay and got married. I went home and said to my wife, we've been invited to Steve's wedding and you know, said this is going to be unusual for us. She said, well I'm going. Are you going? And I went. And I had a great time. And there was great champagne."

The student pressed Kasich, "I don't think that's enough for you to say you've been to a gay wedding."

Kasich shot back. "Well, we're not changing any laws. We're not changing. We're not going to allow discrimination on this.

So the Supreme Court upheld marriage equality," the student noted. "Does that mean you would go out of your way to protect that right?”
Kasich replied, “Look, we're not changing any laws. The court has spoken. That's the end of it."

Kasich may be pro-LGBTI but that doesn’t change the fact that Republican frontrunners—Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson—are homophobic to the core. What Republicans don’t realize is that most Americans, like their counterparts across the Western world have now evolved in support of gay marriage as the vast majority of millennials, even a sizable chunk of evangelical Christians now support full LGBTI equality. So you are beating a dead horse and continue to be on the wrong side of history.

Homophobic Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Americans may conceal their bigotry and inject their faith by saying the US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage was unconstitutional. But there is a stronger case to be made that it was perfectly constitutional. The fact of the matter is this: LGBTI Americans have been historically oppressed group and by continuing discrimination and prejudice against us and denying us the right to marry and start a family, something which has always been available to heterosexuals, you are continuing thousands of years of hostility. So I see no difference between you and Boko Haram, ISIS, the Taliban, Iran or Saudi Arabia. You bigoted Americans want to take civil liberties away from tens of millions of LGBTI people while terrorists in the Muslim World deny us our human right to even exist. All of you have one thing in common. You have to prove your faith by being anti-gay, which speaks volumes about how depraved and immoral you are.

We have a lot more pressing economic and social issues and foreign policy matters to worry about. If you are going to elevate the prestige of LGBTI Americans by making gay marriage the defining issue in the 2016 elections, not only will you grow the rift within your own party and lose the election but you will definitely dig the grave of the Republican party.

Just so you know: The Velvet Mafia (the gay lobby of America) is not the Ku Klux Klan or the Muslim Brotherhood. Our political leaders and rainbow coalition change minds and win hearts peacefully and demand our fair share of dignity, equality, freedom, and liberty after suffering thousands of years of persecution under the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran. You can continue to fight us, persecute us, and try to Balkanize and Talibanize America but you will fail because we love this country more than you resent the multicultural people who live in it. Since you lost, why don't you go do something meaningful and productive with your life?

The reason why we leaders, the humanistic Democrats, are on a winning streak is because we are builders while losers, the dogmatic Republicans, belligerently block economic and social progress at home and wage illegitimate and unwinnable wars abroad. As a character named Socrates in THE WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR by Dan Millman said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” That is why we win and will continue to win.

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