Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton will win 2016 US Election

When Hillary Clinton lost the race to Barack Obama in 2008, I predicted that come around 2016, she would clinch the Democratic nomination and win the general election. After yesterday’s big win in Nevada—thanks to African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, LGBT, senior citizens, women and everyone else who voted to continue President Obama’s legacies—it’s almost inevitable that Clinton will win Super Tuesday and defeat Bernie Sanders. And despite all the hoopla over Donald Trump, I don't see how any Republican can steal the White House from Clinton unless their is a financial collapse or a major terrorist attack on US soil that triggers an upset.

Some of you give Hillary Clinton a hard time by calling her a liar and an opportunist but I beg to differ. There was a time long before September 11, 2001 when I lived a complete lie. When I was buried deep in the closet as a frustrated gay man repressed by my Afghan tribe, Islamic values and a largely homophobic American society. I kept a fa├žade as a Republican and voted for George W. Bush.

Since I was a liar, I voted for the biggest liar and that was probably the greatest mistake and regret of my life. But reconciling my past has also made me a better person. It was only when I broke away from the web of lies and started living honestly and made choices with a clear and free mind that I started living a fulfilling life. Despite being distanced by my relatives and eventually being disowned by my family and losing numerous friends over my homosexuality and secular ideas, I evolved towards the light and now live by the truth.

For this reason, I have so much respect for Hillary Clinton—a leader who has always stood for social justice and yet has endured a ruthless witch-hunt and ridicule by a society obsessed with being fake, putting each other down, and holding women to a higher standard.

I trust Hillary Clinton to be a decent person and irrespective of her flaws, she is still the most intelligent US Presidential candidate running for office and probably the most experienced, smartest and wisest person alive.

As a daughter of an orphan mother herself, Hillary Clinton is the greatest children’s advocate running for President. When Clinton was First Lady of the United States, she was instrumental in winning healthcare for eight million children from low-income families. Can you imagine the source of inspiration Clinton is and can be as President to all women, especially the girls in the Muslim World who are lucky to go to school but still have to risk acid attacks or worry about their schoolhouse getting burned down by terrorists? Every time I think about those girls it makes me choke and cry.

I know she will lift up all American children to reach their greatest potential and work to spread human rights and civil liberties everywhere. Don’t turn your back on our youth. Let’s make her the surrogate Grandmother for our children and their children.

Please vote for My Girl and let’s work to create a better world for all of us.

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