Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lahore attacks shows Islam's intolerance to Easter

While Christians celebrate Easter today with egg hunts, face paintings, and seasonal crafts, the festive day turned sour in the Islamic World as 65+ people are killed and 280+ injured today in a terrorist attack on a park in Lahore, Pakistan where children were playing on swings, accompanied mostly by their mothers. This attack embodies all the hallmarks of Islamic values of spreading Islam by force. Like all the violence committed by Muslims in the name of Allah, should we blame today’s attacks in Lahore also on the existence of Israel, US foreign policy or the sweetness of Belgian chocolate? 
So long as Muslims continue to deflect away from the source of the problem (Islam), their will be more terrorist attacks. Hundreds, thousands, and millions more will be dead until the sane people of the world confront the reality that Islam is a political system of conquest with a religious component that seeks to domination by any means even if it is to their own demise. Until we face the truth about Islam, the world will continue to dragged down into a dark and depressive hole. 
And no we won’t change our Facebook profiles or light up the Empire State building with the Pakistani flag. Pakistan is an Islamic State that perpetuates gender, racial, religious, and sexual apartheid; terrorizes Baluchistan and Kashmir; eliminates dissenters; radicalizes the North-West Frontier Province, harbors the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations (Al Qaeda, Daesh, Haqqani, Hezb-Islami, Lashkar Taiba, Taliban, etc.); has the greatest number of students enrolled in madrassas (Islamic only education); fuels the fan of terrorism in Afghanistan and India; and is the scariest enemy of the United States. 
Recognizing the vile nature of Islam, we have to recognize that not all Pakistanis are bad. Take for example, Asad Shah, the Pakistani shopkeeper living in Glasgow, Scotland and a member of the persecuted Ahmadiyya community, who called for religious harmony. On Thursday night, Asad Shah posted on Facebook, "Good Friday and very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation." Hours later, he was stabbed 30 times at his shop and left lying in a pool of blood. He later died at a hospital. 
Christianity gave up its power to secular liberalism eons ago, recognizing that we’d be all happier living under the umbrella of freedom, liberty, and multiculturalism. Islam refuses to surrender to Enlightenment, dignity, and pluralism. This is at the heart of the global struggle and if you don't get this you probably never will. 
And don’t say the actions of Islamists and Jihadis doesn’t speak for all Muslims and tell me not to collectively blame 1.5 billion Muslims. Your apologism and appeasement is irrelevant since Islam still is the greatest killing machine and retrograde our humanity has known. The rest of the 5.5 billion non-Muslims and I’d venture to say the vast majority of Muslims are fed up with Islam.
Either civilize yourself or don’t complain when you get washed away by your own doing. Like it or not, Islam is to terror as tsunamis are to seaquakes. #LahoreBlast #StopIslam #SecularismIsTheSolution

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