Thursday, March 3, 2016

Update: The Afghan daughter raped by her father

Ever since Laily Azizi and her Mother appeared on the Sajia Kamrany show and broke a major taboo by exposing the rape and other violence that occurred within their family, there is a brutish, mean, and ugly segment of Afghan society that is maliciously trying to discredit the Queen of Afghan TV and her recent guests.
You cannot pretend to be a progressive and preach liberal values while still identifying yourself as a Mohammedan and delegitimize those who are giving voice to the voiceless. So stop protecting your Muslim identity and the image of Islam.
When a father rapes his child and justifies his actions by telling her that this is what Muslim men do with their daughters even as she pleads for mercy and spills pools of blood, this is what is deplorable, evil, and should be condemned. It’s never okay to wrongfully blame, find fault and/or raise suspicions of the victim especially with no proof to back up your stupid claim.
The criminal case against Abdul Waheed Tawakulzada, the man who conceived Laily jaan was proven in the court of law and based on insurmountable evidence. All of this can be verified by checking police and public records. I did a name search on the State of California’s Megan’s Law registry ( and took a screenshot (see below) that shows Tawakulaza listed for the crimes Laily jaan talked about. So there really is no room for speculation and anyone who still insists Laily jaan is lying is only supporting the barbaric and savage way of life under Islam and tribalism.
And those who continue to deny that such atrocities are taking place are part of the problem. I’ve heard from a number of credible sources inside Afghanistan about girls and mothers who are raped by their brothers, fathers, and husbands and when they report the crimes, the dockets go missing and the cases are never heard. In 2014, a law passed through Afghan Parliament that would have enabled men to justify their hurting and raping of female relatives. The only reason this law wasn't enforced is due to the international pressure that forced President Hamid to back off from ratifying the law. Regardless, these violent crimes continue with impunity.
When Laily jaan confessed on Kamrany's show that she was mentally unstable, that doesn't mean she is crazy. She has suffered from chronic depression and PTSD from a childhood torture after enduring years of physical, sexual, and verbal assault. Anyone who properly studied psychology would know about her situation.
Furthermore, her actions as an adult: her resorting to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism, how she dresses, whom she has consensual sex with or the baseless rumors that she was a porn star or a prostitute have no bearing whatsoever. And it certainly gives no one a right to to dismiss or justify the fact that she was beaten, raped, and verbally abused as a helpless child.
I don’t think Tawakulzada or any person should be punished in the mob-style stoning, mutilation, and burning that Farkhunda Mailkzada endured. But given the fact that most of Mailkzada’s killers escaped scot-free and there really is no restorative justice or rule of law in Afghanistan today, how can you blame anyone for saying out of frustration that Tawakulzada should endure what Malikzada did if he really is repeating the same crimes with a new family in Afghanistan and no one is doing anything about it.
Laily jaan broke her silence to give closure to her own wounds and to break the stigma within Afghan/Islamic culture that blames and shames the victim and to also spread awareness about a dysfunctional society that turns a blind eye to horrific acts of violence. The only reason it's taken decades for us to hear her voice is because prior to Kamrany's show, our society denied to give Laily jaan a platform to raise her voice and speak her mind.
Laily jaan should be loved, nurtured, and praised for doing something so noble. In my opinion, she is a national hero. Those who speak against her, raise irrelevant and unfounded issues, and try to portray erroneously portray her as dishonest are not only denying her the right to exercise her liberty but also forcing the millions of honor violence victims to continue to seal their mouths shut and continue to languish in silence.
The cretins who've waged personal attacks on Laily jaan are obstructing the spread of universal human rights and are no friends of humanity.

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