Thursday, March 24, 2016

What America needs to do about Islam

For years now as an ‪#‎ExMuslim‬, I've been screaming ‪#‎BanIslam‬ to mostly deaf ears. I was intimidated by Muslim slaves and their apologist allies for exposing the true nature of Islam—a religion that survives only on perpetual terrorism and torture. But, in the aftermath of the Brussels attack with ‪#‎StopIslam‬ trending on Twitter, I trust everyone is listening.

If centrist-minded rationalists don't take the lead in crafting a progressive policy in dealing with Islam then we are all doomed since the Regressive Left continues to evade Islam and the Republicans overreact with bigotry and false promises. Terrorist attacks on major western cities like the ones we’ve seen in Brussels and Paris will continue. If we don’t eliminate ISIS and all terrorist organizations from our world and contain the recruitment of extremists and shut down all the madrassas and mosques within our sphere of influence, then Islam will grow rapidly and come at us at an accelerated rate that we will not be able to contain and neutralize the indoctrinated. And it's not far-fetched that within four years, America and Europe will become militarized police states due to the inability to combat the Islamic infiltration and invasion.

Some of you who are not ready to hear my warning call will continue to dismiss what I have to say. Let me remind you that in the 7th century when Islamic terrorists invaded Afghanistan, it took several centuries of bombarding Kabul, for the capital to finally fall. But once it did, the rich pre-Islamic heritage of Afghanistan was wiped out and since then Afghans have been unable to overcome the wrath of Islam and suffer each day from Islam whether it is honor violence in their homes, communal and mob violence or state-sponsored terrorism. And not to mention the non-governmental militias and terrorist groups. The sad reality is that once a nation falls into the dark and depressive hole of Islam, it’s almost impossible to get it back. That’s why post 9/11 the most powerful economies and militaries on Earth (the US and NATO allies) have barely scratched the surface in trying to salvage Afghanistan from the crater of Islam.

So my message to Hillary Clinton is this: If you want to win the general election in November, you have to be so hawkish on Islam that you make Donald Trump and Ted Cruz look like doves. Calling for open borders and increasing surveillance will not eliminate the threat posed by Islam. Oh and by the way, there is no difference between Islam, Islamism, extremist Islam, fundamentalist Islam, modern Islam, moderate Islam, traditional Islam, political Islam, radical Islam, reformist Islam or stealth Islam. There is only one kind of Islam that was founded by Prophet Muhammad.

Madame Clinton, the civilized world is fed up with Islam and the debate whether Islam is a religion of peace is over. We emphatically reject sharia and demand a complete and total shutdown of Islamic operations in our world. We must abolish Islam and replace it with Secular Liberalism and Gay Marriage.

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