Friday, April 8, 2016

What killing of Bangladeshi writers says about Islam

The sixth atheist/secularist blogger has been murdered in Bangladesh over a span of 14 months. It’s sad to see this Islamic butchery go on with impunity. The latest victim, Nazimuddin Samad, was hacked by machete-wielding terrorists and then shot to death as he was returning home from a class at his university in the capital, Dhaka. Witnesses say Samad's assassins shouted "Allah-u-Akbar" as they fled the scene.

In his posts, Samad promoted women's rights, was critical of the intolerance by radical Islamists, and just the day before his death he complained about the growing lawlessness in the country caused by the militancy of Islam.

The terrorist group Ansarullah Bangla Team and other Al Qaeda affiliates have made a hit list of 84 people some of whom are now murdered. Samad was apparently not on this particular list. Despite all this bigotry and violence towards atheists/secularists in the Muslim world, moderate Muslim apologists and their Regressive Left allies in the West defend sharia and have nothing to say about the worst human rights violations of our time. How can moderate Muslims complain about growing Islamophobia in the West when mob violence and terrorism driven by anti-Semitism, atheistphobia, homophobia, infidelphobia, and misogyny that is justified by Islam is the reason for Islamophobia in the first place?

If Muslims want people to tolerate the faith they worship then they have to speak against the violent political ideology within Islam and promote secular liberalism so Muslims, ex-Muslims, and non-Muslims can live in harmony. Otherwise you are treacherous and have no standing when you complain about Islamophobia.

Over the last few centuries, atheists, gays, Jews, women and people of color fought for civil liberties in Christiandom by promoting secular liberalism with non-violent protest and the power of their words. Islamdom, however, refuses to live and let live. Across the Muslim World, followers of Prophet Muhammad use violence to demonstrate their faith and when women and minorities speak up to claim their human right, they are routinely tortured and killed. This is why sharia has no place in our world.

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